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The Mario Bros. Club
Current Residence: The Mushroom Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Video game music! Doo doo doo do do DOO!
Shell of choice: Green and Red shells are common flavour of the day.
Favourite cartoon character: The general Mario cast
Personal Quote: "Thank-a you so much for playing my game!"
:boogie: DO THE MARIO!!! :boogie:

Welcome to deviantART's Super Mario Bros. Club</u>!!! The one place where you can be a Mario fan and show it! And interact with all the other Mario fans, too!
Since that fateful day in 1981, the Mario series has been a big hit around the world! It's got games left and right, comics, cartoons, a movie, plushies...

So... it by far deserves its own DA club, and it's Back in operation.... AGAIN! :o

:bulletred: --Club News-- :bulletred:

:icontoadsiliwraith:'s Update: 28/12/2007
Greetings fellow Mario fans, both new and old. After over a year of total neglect (Two years on my personal count), the Super Mario Bros Club on DA is lives once again. Before getting onto any other pieces of news and information, everyone here that is apart of this club at least deserves clearance and explanation on my half as to why I let this club die.

Basically, aside from increasing commitments in my general life, I felt that community involvement and interest from the members themselves was slowly dwindling to near zero, especially considering a complete lack of entries or votes in contest #3 (Looking through past journals, Contest 4 faired little better). Consequently, I eventually lost interest and discontinued work on the club. Imagine what it would feel like to be putting in effort into a project that no one doesn't really seem to care about?

In my absence, :iconcherriegal: appears to have done an excellent job at maintaining the helm all on his lonesome up until June 2006; an effort I would like to commend him for. :) Also, looking through the backlog of notes and messages under the club account recently, I have found it invigorating that member support and interest remained very strong despite the total lack of updates to the club. This combined with one very guilty conscience has enabled me to give this place a second chance, as after all, communities are there for people to get together and share a common interest. It makes many people sad to not have that place to be in... and so the Super Mario Bros. Club shall live again once more!

Continuing on in a similar vein, I realise that I'm not the best person for coming up with ideas and activities that get people interested and involved.  As a result, an "Ideas and Suggestions" journal will be posted shortly after this update, where all members are more than free to post anything they can think of (even contest themes). Clubs on DA should be for the members after all, meaning you guys get what you want rather than what the admins can come up with, and since it will be a journal, it will be a lot easier to keep track of through the messages system. A link will be added to the bottom of every journal much like the Members list.

EDIT: The Journal has been created. It can be found here.…

Furthermore, any members and affiliates who have requested to join from Around September 2006 onwards have been added to the list. There is a notable backlog of member submissions for the gallery as well, which shall be posted up in the coming days. :) If I've missed you, please send the club a note so I can add you to the list.

Expect some updates in the near future!

:bulletred: Mario news: :bulletred:

Super Mario Galaxy: Unless you have been living under a rock, Super Mario Galaxy was recently released across the globe from early to late November, and has met incredible acclaim everywhere! It has had an intensely fierce battle with the N64 masterpiece Ocarina of Time for the title of "Best Videogame ever made that continues to be hotly debated. Galaxy only narrowly settled at #2 at 97.303% on (OoT stands at 97.613%), but shows no signs of stopping its charge of earning "Best Wii game of 2007" and "Game of the Year" awards. If you don't have this game already, BUY IT NOW! :O

Mario Kart: Wii: Motorbikes and stunts are in... but what good they'll be is unclear. Retro Courses much in the style of Mario Kart DS will also be a prime feature of the title, and just in case you've forgotten, online will boast Battle and Vs. Mode, along with a >4 player matchmaking system. Nintendo Power recently had a preview of the game, saying they were "blown away" with the game. Europe is set to get their hands on the game sometime Q2, 2008. No other release date windows have been set.

:bulletblue: --Requirements to Join-- :bulletblue:
Well, be a Mario fan! You don't need to be an artist or anything like that. You just have to be a fan of the Mario games/comics/cartoons/etc. so on!

To Join: Simply send a note to the club! You can comment too, but notes are a lot more noticeable. And if you comment, it is much harder for us to find out whether you want to join or not. Make sure you also devWatch this club to keep up with updates, contests, etc.

To Affiliate: Again, simply send a note to the the club asking for affiliation. Be sure to say which club you want to affiliate with.

:bulletpurple:--Ideas and Suggestions-- :bulletpurple:…

:bulletpurple: --Members-- :bulletpurple:…

:bulletpurple: --Affiliates-- :bulletpurple:…

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